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November 1, 2009

Interesting thought about C# 4.0

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September 26, 2009

How should you make a Currency Convertor?

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A smart guy made a very good web service that gives you all the values you need from the BNR (National Bank of Romania) , you can use it like I did.
Include e web service reference in your Visual Studio project , then you use a code like this to get all the info you need ,for your project.`
Link to your web service here
The code to get the currency is down here:
Curs c = new Curs();
double d=c.getlatestvalue(“eur”);

Have fun using it

September 12, 2009

How should I make a tutorial or a walkthrough free?

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You could try to find a tool that can be cracked or you can find an serial easy.But some of them are free , like Wink . Made by Debugmode and you can do all with it: Static capture,motion capture , voice recording or all of them at a time.

Download it from here :

There are some useful links and tutorials on the link above.

Some interesting facts are: you can merge 2 or more projects , or you can first record the images or video and then you can insert the voice or other bubbles to mark some interesting points.

Have fun presenting !

September 8, 2009

How to generate Sequences in Mysql 5.1+ part 2

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Second option is to use an orm for java :Hibernate with Spring or not .

There are some options you can use:

Use this node in your xml configurations file for your mapped table from database.

<generator class=”name”/>

Where class may be increment with the usual meaning, identity (the identity column of one table), hilo (a generator of random HiLow long with a complicated algorithm).
Soon I will post a working example here.

More informations you could find on RoseIndiaTUTORIALS

September 7, 2009

How to make sequences in MySql 5.1+

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Mysql doesn’t support sequences as Oracle and MsSQL.But we can simulate this using some implementations i found over the internet and improuved.

There are 2 options to do this thing:

1.Using an auxiliary table named sequence

  • create a table named sequence in your database
  • table sequence (id:BIGINT)
  • set the id with value equal to your start value (default)
  • every time you need a new id execute a transaction like this

select id from sequence

update sequence set id=id+1

  • every time a thread asks for an id a distinct long will be auto incremented

This procedure was tested on multiple threads concurrently(over 1000000),it depends on your settings of your MySql.

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